What’s In BrighterDay?

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Click on each ingredient name below to for links to detailed information and clinical studies. Included are references to scientific material, and also some popular articles that present much of the information in an an easier to read format. Links will open in a new window.

➤ 5-HTP

➤ Sensoril® Ashwagandha

Information about ashwagandha:

from LiveStrong

from Life Extension

from Alternative Medicine Review

pubmed abstract

Sensoril is a patented, standardized extraction of ashwagandha with proven effectiveness to assure best quality and results.

➤ Rhodiola

Detailed info about Rhodiola from NYU Medical

Information about Rhodiola and study references from drugs.com

Additional information at this page. As of this writing, only the abstract appears on that site, the link for the full text is not functioning; however the full text has also been copied into a series of messages here.

➤ Lithium Orotate