For improved digestion.

Promotes nutrient absorption and regularity.

Reduce bloating, gas, heartburn/reflux.

Food-Aid contains natural enzymes from preferred non-animal sources, helping your body digest food, and replacing enzymes that are destroyed when foods are cooked or processed. High potency means that one is all you need.

What makes plant-based enzymes better than other digestive enzyme products? As explained at

"Vegetarian digestive enzyme supplements come from microorganisms such as aspergillus, grown in a lab on soy, barley, or another plant medium. Plant-based enzymes are active across a wide pH range, which makes them useful for aiding digestion in the low pH of the stomach as well as the moderately high-pH environment of the intestine.

Digestive enzymes from animal origin often come from the pancreatic or stomach enzymes in cows or pigs. Unlike plant-based enzymes, they are only functional at higher pH levels. Therefore, they are less efficient for aiding digestion in the stomach compared to plant-based digestive enzymes."

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